• Upstyles

    A classic, glamorous up-style is a fashionable option for any formal event – whether there is a red carpet involved or not! Discover the best look for you and have fun while trying new twists, from loo...
  • Cutting + Styling

    We wish to provide you with a haircut suited to your lifestyle and interests. Our cuts are done by talented stylists who care for their clients.  We take time with each of our clients to give them the b...
  • Scalp + Hair Care

    Beautiful hair is the most obvious sign of health and vitality on a man or woman. It is easy for hair to become damaged from air pollution, a nutrient-poor diet, and environmental toxins, so it is import...

I Am because We Are

Ubuntu, pronounced oo-BOON-too, is a traditional African concept based on the idea that a person is a person through other people. Archbishop Desmond Tutu explains….

+Give and Get
These Boutique Products are companies that benefit worthy causes that are dear to our hearts.
+Community Involvement
We are committed to making a global impact by setting our focus on contribution to humanity. We choose to use and sell Eco-friendly products, sustainable boutique gift items and donate a portion of our proceeds to charities.